The Velvet Underground

The Velvet Underground


The Velvet Underground
Sterling Morrison (1942-1995, NY), Lou Reed (Lewis Allan Reed, 1942-2013, NYC), Nico (Christa Päffgen, 1938 Köln – 1988 Ibiza), Moe Tucker (1944, Queens, NY), John Cale (1942, Wales). Group manager in 1967: Andy Warhol. Group member in 1968-71 in replacement of John Cale: Doug Yule (1947, Mineola, NY).

While Frank Zappa’s Mothers Of Invention set the tone of the experimental underground rock subculture with their albums ‘Freak Out‘ (1966) and ‘Absolutely Free‘ (1967), The Velvet Underground shortly leads the scene with Lou Reed as leader and main songwriter. The band releases 36 songs in 4 studio albums between 1967 and 1970, does not achieve commercial success but becomes cult with an avant-garde style heralding the punk rock genre, a.o. with its  famous songs ‘I’m Waiting for the Man‘ and ‘Run run run‘ (1967) or ‘White light white heat‘ and ‘Sister Ray‘ (1968). Lou Reed subsequentely produces 250 songs in 20 solo LPs in 1971-2007, the best known of which is ‘Transformer’ (1972) with its track ‘ Walk on the Wild Side‘.

1970 LOADED – Who Loves the Sun  ∙  Sweet Jane  ∙  Rock & Roll  ∙  Cool It Down  ∙  New Age  ∙  1969 THE VELVET UNDERGROUND – Candy Says  ∙  What Goes On  ∙  Some Kinda Love  ∙  Pale Blue Eyes  ∙  Jesus  ∙  Beginning to See the Light  ∙  I’m Set Free  ∙  That’s the Story of My Life  ∙  The Murder Mystery  ∙  After Hours  ∙  1968 WHITE LIGHT/WHITE HEAT – White Light/White Heat  ∙  Here She Comes Now  ∙  I Heard Her Call My Name  ∙  Sister Ray  ∙  1967 THE VELVET UNDERGROUND & NICO – Sunday Morning  ∙  I’m Waiting for the Man  ∙  Femme Fatale  ∙  Venus in Furs  ∙  Run Run Run  ∙  All Tomorrow’s Parties  ∙  Heroin  ∙  There She Goes Again  ∙  I’ll Be Your Mirror  ∙  European Son  ∙    


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