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1967 The jungle book
1967 The jungle book
1967 The jungle book
1967 The jungle book




A dip into the arrays of pop music is a singular experience. Each detour and odd place can reveal the charm of a forgotten, unknown or neglected singer, recall an unidentified but sometimes in the past hummed tune, tell an exhilarating odyssey of an accidental ‘hit’ or trigger a weird cultural encounter.

Examples abound and never cease to amaze, whether with the magic nudity of little-known songs like ‘Juste quelques flocons qui tombent‘ ('Just a few falling flakes', Antoine, 1967) or 'Ce partenze dolorose' ('There are painful departures', Lino Straulino, 2006) or the lingering bite of classic jewels 'Pretty thing' (1955 Bo Diddley),  'Jailhouse rock' (1957 Elvis Presley), 'Oh, Pretty Woman' (1964 Roy Orbison) or 'American Woman' (1970 The Guess Who), that retain its hold in today's younger generation parties.


Music never ceases to delight. No offense to either the nostalgic or modernist, but each new decade turns out better than any other before, yet no decade ever tarnishes the glam of any of the previous ones. And no offense either to the nationalist but any region of the world can at times dictate international music trends, like Australia, Scandinavia and Germany do with their pop-rock industry by assiduously releasing world hits since the Easybeats (1966), Abba (1974) and Boney M (1976). With this in mind, outguessing the shapes of tomorrow’s music is a game of odds.

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This website's section 'world of Pop Music' provides a platform for the discovery of the corresponding pop cultures, organized by regions and periods. As to our 'music genres' pages, they recall some of the beauties of folk, rock, RnB Soul, rap, pop songs and world music.

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ePopMusic reviews the related borderless and timeless cultural treasure through both its website and jukebox books. The latters do provide secular reviews of French, Italian, Spanish and Russian music. Although less covered than their American and English counterparts, these four sets of national riches are no less massive and virtuous.