John Lennon

JOHN LENNON: UK Pop .. 1971

John Lennon
John Lennon (1940 Liverpool-1980 New York City)

John Lennon founds The Quarrymen in 1956, a high school band playing skiffle-folk and rock’n’roll and renamed ‘The Beatles‘ in early 1960. He and Yoko Ono meet at a London art gallery in November 1966, begin a relationship in the summer of 1968 and marry in Gibraltar in March 1969. For their honeymoon, they spend two weeklong “Bed-ins for Peace” in hotels (in Amsterdam in March and Montreal in May) to protest for peace, and in particular against the war in Vietnam. In the related video-clip Give Peace A Chance, John Lennon proclaims “..there’s an alternative to violence, it’s to stay in bed and grow your hair!“. In the 10 years following the Beatles’ disbandment in 1970, John Lennon releases 23 singles and 8 LP albums, including the post-mortem 1981 single ‘Watching the wheels‘ (1981) and 1984 LP ‘Milk and honey‘. Yoko Ono co-signs three of the related LPs and sings on many of the singles’ B-sides. On December 8, 1980 John Lennon was shot dead by four bullets in front of his appartment building in New York. His killer was sentenced to prison for 20-years-to-life.


∙   1970   ∙   JOHN LENNON / PLASTIC ONO BAND   ∙   Mother   ∙   Working class hero   ∙   God   ∙   Instant Karma! (we all shine on)   ∙   1971   ∙   IMAGINE   ∙   Gimme some truth   ∙   Imagine   ∙   Jealous guy (orig. 1968 ‘Child of Nature’)   ∙   How do you sleep   ∙   Power to the People   ∙   Oh my love   ∙   1972   ∙   SOME TIME IN NEW YORK CITY   ∙   Woman Is the Nigger of the World   ∙  

∙   1973   ∙   MIND GAMES   ∙   Mind Games   ∙   Aisumasen (I’m sorry)   ∙   I know   ∙   1974   ∙   WALLS AND BRIDGES   ∙   Steel and glass   ∙   1975   ∙   ROCK ‘N’ ROLL   ∙   Stand by Me (orig. 1961 Ben E. King)   ∙   1980   ∙   DOUBLE FANTASY   ∙   (Just Like) Starting Over   ∙   Woman   ∙  


∙   1981   ∙   SINGLE   ∙   Watching the Wheels   ∙   1984   ∙   MILK AND HONEY   ∙   Nobody Told Me   ∙   Borrowed Time   ∙  

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