Massive Attack

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3D (Robert Del Naja, born 1965) – Daddy G (Grantley Evan Marshall, b. 1959) – Mushroom (Andy Lee Vowles, b. 1967)


Massive Attack embodies Trip-hop music, a dense airy fusion of hip-hop, dub, soul and electro-pop. Its 3 founding members are 3D, Daddy G and Mushroom, all previously active in The Wild Bunch Sound System, a Bristol based loose collective of hip-hop MCs and DJs of the 80s. Vowles leaves Massive Attack in 1998. The band releases 70 songs in 5 awesome studio LPs and 6 EPs between 1991 and 2016, incorporating famous non-member vocalists including Shara Nelson, Tricky, Horace Andy, Tracey Thorn, Liz Fraser, Terry Callier, Sinéad O’Connor, Martina Topley-Bird, Damon Albarn, Hope Sandoval.

2016 EPs  –  The Spoils (ft Hope Sandoval)  ∙  Come near me (ft Ghostpoet)  ∙  Ritual Spirit (ft Azekel)  ∙  Take It There (ft Tricky)  ∙  2011 SINGLE  –  Four walls (ft Hope Sandoval)  ∙  2010 HELIGOLAND  –  Pray for Rain (ft Abebimpe)  ∙  Splitting the Atom (ft Horace Andy)  ∙  Psyche (ft Martina Topley-Bird)  ∙  Paradise Circus (ft Hope Sandoval)  ∙  Saturday Come Slow (ft Damon Albarn)  ∙  Atlas Air  ∙  2006 SINGLES  –  Live with me (ft Terry Callier)  ∙  False Flags  ∙  2003 100th WINDOW  –  Special Cases  (ft Sinéad O’Connor)  ∙  Butterfly Caught  ∙  A Prayer for England  (ft Sinéad O’Connor)  ∙  What Your Soul Sings (ft Sinéad O’Connor)  ∙  Everywhen (ft Horace Andy)  ∙  Antistar  ∙ 

1998 MEZZANINE  –  Angel (ft Horace Andy)  ∙  Risingson  ∙  Teardrop (ft Liz Fraser)  ∙  Inertia Creeps  ∙  Dissolved Girl (ft Sara Jay)  ∙  1994 PROTECTION  –  Protection (ft Tracey Thorn)  ∙  Karmacoma (ft Tricky)  ∙  Sly (ft Nicolette Suwoton)  ∙  Eurochild (ft Tricky)  ∙  Spying Glass (ft Horace Andy)  ∙  1991 BLUE LINES  –  Safe from Harm (ft Shara Nelson)  ∙  Unfinished Sympathy (ft Shara Nelson)  ∙  One Love (ft Horace Andy)  ∙  Blue Lines (ft Tricky)  ∙  Five Man Army (ft Tricky, Horace Andy, Willie Wee)  ∙  1990 SINGLE  –   Daydreaming (ft Tricky & Shara Nelson)  ∙

COLLABORATIONS  –   1995  I want you (Madonna)  ∙  1993  Face à la mer (Les Négresses Vertes)  ∙ 1990 Mustt mustt (Nustrat Fatheh Ali Khan)  ∙  1989  Manchild (Neneh Cherry)  ∙  1988 Any love (Daddy Gee & Carlton)  ∙  1986 The Look Of Love (The Wild Bunch ft Shara Nelson)  ∙ 


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