by Paul T. Alexander

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  • ISBN13 : n.a.
  • Title: SPANISH POP-MUSIC in brief
  • Author: Paul T. Alexander
  • Binding & size: Paperback, glossy, A5, 144 pages
  • Edition language: English
  • Other editions: Spanish, French
  • Publication : ©  ePopMusic ™ / Legal deposit 2021

‘SPANISH POP MUSIC in brief’ draws a richly illustrated panorama of the musicians, songs and musical genres that materialize the Spanish pop scene from the 1930s until today.
The underlying universe bestows exhilarating abundance and quality. One of the keys to its long-lasting success has been its ability at all times to integrate new trends - local and international - by reformulating them in harmony with its own cultural identity. Thus, while its popular music has always been modern and attractive, it has never ceased to be deeply Spanish.
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