More than a Century of RUSSIAN POP-MUSIC

by Paul T. Alexander

  • ISBN13: 978-2-9701226-0-9
  • Title: More Than A Century Of Russian Pop-Music
  • Author: Paul T. Alexander
  • Binding & size: Paperback, saddle-stitched, A5, 32 pages
  • Edition language: English
  • Other editions: various other languages
  • Published: ePopMusic ™, February 2018

For over 100 years, Russian pop-music has been eyeing Western music and drawing inspiration from it without ever losing its deeply, passionately Slavic character. Having lagged significantly at certain times, Russian pop music is now up to date and delivers original, modern and remarkable songs. Against the backdrop of this incredible journey, this booklet hovers over Russian pop music through 9 genres.… more