by Paul T. Alexander

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  • ISBN13 : 978-2-9701226-9-2 (prov.)
  • Title: ITALIAN POP-MUSIC in brief
  • Author: Paul T. Alexander
  • Binding & size: Paperback, glossy, A5, 196 pages
  • Edition language: English
  • Other editions: French (Italian in preparation)
  • Publication : ©  ePopMusic ™ / Legal deposit 2021

ITALIAN POP-MUSIC in brief’ draws an illustrated view of the musicians, songs and musical styles that make-up Italian pop-music from the 1940s until today. The underlying universe is rich, varied and of exceptional quality. At all times, the Italian scene had a knack for integrating innovative trends and genres without ever ceasing to be Italian. The reason for this book? Help discover this wealth and its artists in a concise and synoptic panorama; and the illustrations, the youTube-links and the date-Quiz herein very nicely embellish the trip into this fascinating and everlasting pop-culture.