by Paul T. Alexander

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  • ISBN13: 978-2-9701226-8-5 (prov.)
  • Title: FRENCH POP-MUSIC in brief
  • Author: Paul T. Alexander
  • Binding & size: Paperback, glossy, A5, 80 pages
  • Edition language: English
  • Other editions: French
  • Publication: ©  ePopMusic ™, 2021

Some like it Greco, other Mitsouko... The poetry does indeed change and the loops sampler has replaced the barrel-organ. The nostalgics of the 50s may feel entitled to regret the Greco Brassens Brel Barbara or, for that matter, the Ferré Nougaro Ferrat Gainsbourg. But the current delivery bares its overwhelming share of riches and pleasure,  the French ‘Variété’ is better today than it ever has been and tomorrow's... more